Herbal materials

Herbal drugs are usually characterized by mild action and a high degree of safety even in prolonged use conditions, and due to the large number of biologically active substances, their effect on the body, as a rule, has a wide range of therapeutic activity, harmonized impact on all systems and organs.

Phytotherapeutic agents are also able to strengthen human immunity; they can be used for a long period of time (if necessary, therapy may last for 1-2 years), especially in chronic diseases, without leading to hypovitaminosis and dysbacteriosis.

Herbal remedies are active against many strains of microorganisms, resistant to antibiotics. Currently are often applied combinations of herbal substances.

Preventive uses of herbal medicines have many positive aspects: medicinal plants enrich the body with various classes of organic biologically active compounds (vitamins, flavonoids, polysaccharides, essential oils and many others), micro- (selenium, zinc, etc.) and macronutrients.